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How does Walkzee Work?

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Creating your Walkzee profile is the first step to walking dogs in your local shelters.

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Search for Local Shelter Dogs

Use Walkzee to search for shelter dogs in your area that are need a walking buddy.

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Contact Shetler to Schedule Walk

When you find a dog that you want to walk then contact the shelter using the contact information provided and schedule a time to walk the dog. (Booking walks directly through Walkzee is not currently possible, but we are hoping to make this available again in the future)

Shelter Confirmation

Wait for the shelter to confirm your walk. You will be notified as soon as your walk time has been confirmed

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Go Walkzee!

Head over to the shelter to pick up your new pal and go for a walk! To increase the dog's chances of getting adopted, you should leave a nice review for them.

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